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Sonic’s History

Marticorena Fernandez

Tech blog # 3: Sonic the Hedgehog/ Sonic’s History



Today I will be discussing with you on the recent video game. Today’s top pick is Sonic Generations for the PS3, XBOX 360, Nintendo 3ds, and PC. The Sonic fan base had actually agreed that this is the best sonic game of this year. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. Many Sonic fans would enjoy this game. I have experienced this game and I really love this game. This is the greatest game of Sonic.


Sonic’s career had started on June 23rd, 1991. He had replaced SEGA’s old mascot Alex Kidd. Alex Kidd was the mascot for SEGA. He was the first mascot of SEGA. He was made to rival Nintendo’s mascot Mario. This mascot didn’t gain much support for SEGA. So the SEGA community went back to the drawing board. So one of the creators had a sketch of a character that soon became Sonic the Hedgehog.


After cleaning up the sketch they had redesigned his character and he soon became the hedgehog we all know. After 20 years Sonic is still going strong. Though many fans didn’t agree with the changes, Sonic has many fans that are true and enjoy the franchise. All these events had made Sonic the Hedgehog the blue hedgehog who is now 21 years old and still going strong. This is the life will continue to live. This is Sonic’s history.

The Goal : What I Want To Achieve

In my life I wish to achieve becoming a manga artist. Why I would like to achieve this goal or dream of mine is because I really enjoy drawing and sketching my ideas for stories that I plan to write but need to be thought thoroughly. Many of my stories take place in the future or the past such as legends of characters I made. This goal of mine is what I want to become in the future. Well the reason is because I look to up to some manga artists that inspire me to practice and practice drawing everyday in my free time. I feel very proud of myself when a sketch of a character that takes place in the story is finished and the design is great and fantastic.  The design usually takes 15 minutes to complete and is fixed the next day proceeding. If you like to know usually the design takes a little longer than the time is estimated. It either takes an hour or 45 minutes to get the basic idea of your character.

One of the latest stories that I’m working on is Sonic: The Deep Future Within. The story takes place 20 years in the future. When Miles (Tails) Prower is the age of 25. It’s been 5 years since the defeat of Dr. Ivo Robotnik and Sonic has disappeared after the battle. This is an idea that I had as a What If Story. That the characters I’m featuring aged and got older. I have the designs for the characters finished and the dialogue too. This is one of the goals also, to finish my first manga comic and post on a website.  I would like to post this on a website where all my friends and peers can see.

Another reason why I wish to achieve this dream is because I want to show people my ideas and how it turned and to tell me what can I improve for future stories that I have ideas for. This can be a wonderful experience for people that like to draw and make stories. This shows that I am determined to finish it and publish the comic. This idea first intrigued me and I started writing the idea down and how the comic should look. I enjoy this idea and I hope that others can read this comic.

The Mistake…

  A mistake that I have made was when I was the age of 5 and I had just got a scooter. I had learned how to ride it after a while. I was trying to do a trick to show my mom that I can be like the big kids and do tricks. While I was riding my scooter I didn’t notice the trashcan on the ground. While I was about to do the trick, BANG! I had hit the trashcan full force.  I had cut my arm and legs open a little. My arm and legs were numb after I had fallen from my scooter.

My mom had taken to the house and into the bathroom to put alcohol on the wounds. From this mistake I have learned that don’t try to trick that experienced and professional people how to do. Also to wear arm and leg protection to prevent from getting hurt.  Kids if you want to learn how to do tricks wait until you’re a little older. I hope you readers can gain something from this blog and to leave some tricks to professionals. Also let your parent supervise to see if this trick is safe for you. Any person can do some tricks but not all of them. But kids remember to wear safety.

Don’t attempt the same mistake that I had made trying to be cool. This can lead to an injury. I care about a person’s health and safety. Attempt things at a slow pace and follow every step. Don’t rush into the trick without practicing the trick before doing it. I hope you enjoyed this blog and good luck!